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Wie Finde Ich Den Partner Fürs Leben Neil Clark Warren

Wie finde ich den partner fürs leben neil clark warren

This year marked the opening of our new address at 2 Dairy Farm Lane: Respect, Openness, Inclusiveness. In this book we hope to encapsulate the story of our small community. A colourful collage Wie finde ich den partner fürs leben neil clark warren photos and memories; candid yet meticulously curated snippets of life as seen through the eyes of uni student online dating students, parents, and staff inspired individuals who dedicated their time and effort to make life at GESS all the more vibrant. On behalf of the yearbook team, we wish to extend our gratitude to the writers and contributors who immortalise our story in writing.

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Looking back at this school year, I notice, besides the changes due to the move, numerous flagship projects that have enhanced our school life in addition to our lessons. Modern teaching does not only take place in the school but prepares students for their life after school, in a rapidly changing world, a world that changes quicker than ever before. A great example of how we have succeeded in integrating the outside world into our school life is Enrichment Week, when our Grade 10 students support social projects in India and Cambodia.

Another example is the implementation of the first Junior Engineer Academy at a German school abroad, where Secondary School students learn about the profession of an engineer with the support of many external companies.

Through excellent work in the field of pedagogy and with a substantial improvement in our marketing activities, we have managed to increase the student numbers from 1, to over 1, in a relatively short amount of time. We are of course very happy about this huge success, but this also forced us to overenroll above the target number of 24 students per class for a limited period of time.

After a comprehensive feasibility study, we discovered that we can differ from having three classes per year level in Grade 1 — 12 in certain cases. This academic year was also the pre-visit for the reaccreditation for CoIS, which was conducted successfully.

All of these operations and changes were planned and implemented during normal school operation times with lessons, exams, excursions, exhibitions and performances of all kind. Not only the Abitur results, which are this year above average again, show that amazing work is done at GESS in general and in the didactical, methodical, and pedagogical area in particular.

I had the privilege to lead our school during a period with many uncertainties and necessary changes. I am very thankful for the support of the Board of Governors, the School Management Team, teachers, students and parents as well as our non-pedagogical staff who helped me to make this a very successful year for GESS.

Thank you very much for all your support! Im Juni noch aufgeteilt auf zwei Standorte, begann im August das Schuljahr auf unserem neuen Campus. We believe all children are capable, curious and have an innate desire to know about and to make sense of their world. We believe all children are powerful and unique learners who use many ways to develop their own understandings.

We value the idea that relationships are at the core of learning and strive to promote positive relationships with and between all members of the learning community. The new campus has brought us together as one school, and this year we have all experienced a stronger sense of belonging to the GESS community.

It has been wonderful watching the older children taking care of and welcoming the youngest members of the preschool. Additionally, it is a pleasure to see our youngest learners listening carefully to their older friends, while they are sharing their knowledge at our Friday assemblies. I love walking through the Pre-School as there is evidence of learning happening in every moment and everywhere! Classes are in the jungle making interesting connections to their units of inquiry.

Children at lunchtime are building upon their social skills and at the same time reflecting on the morning's learning. Discoveries are made by small groups of children in the digital atelier. Creativity, innovation and design thinking are coming to life in our maker space pod. The playground is an outdoor atelier for the body and mind, where the children can use their senses, energy and challenge themselves in building upon their physical skills.

Joy is something that is seen, heard and felt every day at our Pre-School and I feel very fortunate to work in such an inspiring learning environment!

Im Vorschulischen Bereich steht das Kind im Mittelpunkt. Kleine Gruppen machen im digitalen Atelier Entdeckungen. What a year! We sorted, we tidied, we packed, we cleaned, we unpacked. We opened our new campus. I remember fondly our GESS students, in their white shirts, thankfully on a sunny day, forming the letters G-E-S-S on the plaza and searching the sky for the drone to take their photo. Our teachers love their new teaching spaces.

Our teachers are making new connections, by working together in the same areas and sharing practices across departments and sections — we have one community of teachers. Our students continue to impress us both in the classroom, on the sports field, in the swimming pool, on the stage in the Auditorium, in the Forum, in Singapore and abroad.

GESS is up there, as a reputable school in Singapore: GESS has an important role in supporting the German and European Communities in Singapore and works closely with the Embassies to identify opportunities for collaboration. This was the culmination of a vision overseen by four Presidents, four Principals and involving many dedicated Board Members, countless members of the School Community supported by the German Embassy, the ZfA and the German business community in Singapore over more than six years.

Best of all, the project, the largest in the history of the School, was delivered on time and on budget. His passion for the School and bringing together and supporting the German Community in Singapore will be greatly missed.

The Board invite all members of GESS to become more actively involved in the School by supporting the many events and activities held throughout the year. Our students and teachers get great pleasure by seeing you at their performances, sporting events and exhibitions. If you have more time, there are many opportunities to be a volunteer at School or perhaps you would like to make a donation to the GESS Fund.

Ulrich Sante, deutscher Botschafter, und Dr. Mai , zum Dieter Gumpert Auditorium benannt. Thomas Hufnagel. Besonders, wenn man Gleichgesinnte mit dem gleichen Ergebnis fand.

Und wenn man in der eigenen Klasse nicht findig wurde, gab es ja immer noch die Parallelklasse! Das ist sicherlich das Besondere an eurem Abiturjahrgang, beide Klassen verstehen sich ausgesprochen gut.

Und noch etwas Besonderes gibt es. Aber auch daran habt ihr euch gut angepasst, womit ich wieder bei der Evolution bin. Und was haben wir nicht alles in dieser Zeit erlebt: Das schafft ihr doch - oder? Ich habe da vollstes Vertrauen in euch.

Even though you have come a long way over the last 12 years and have achieved much already, your life journey has only just begun. Once you leave GESS, you will discover a world full of opportunities. Where you go and what you do will be up to you.

You will be in control. One life lesson that I would like to share is that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Choose a career that will fulfil you and a job that you are happy to go to everyday. Participate in life. Join activities going on around you. You may not win the competition but you might make a friend, find a life partner, develop a skill or discover an opportunity that would make you happy.

You are the one who has to live your life. Life is a long time to be miserable so make long-term happiness one of your main goals.

I wish you luck and hope that the remainder of your life journey is happy, healthy and full of opportunities. You made it! I hope that you share my perspective that school is much more than a place where you learn; we, your teachers keep trying very hard to prepare you for life and its challenges this includes skills like ironing, cooking, time management….

There are only a few school days left for you and it is time for some advice once a teacher, always a teacher: Enjoy the small things in life as life-changing incidents do not happen very often 2. Start each day with a positive thought 3. Each year, the Events Team organises two major events: Christmas Bazaar and International Summer Party. Members as of December The Buddies Committee organises welcome events to help new families settle into the school community. With the help of parent buddies from each class, the Buddies Committee takes care of all new families throughout the school year.

A big "Thank You" to the Buddies Committee for their great support! The Committee conveys the views and interests of the parent community to the School Management and the Board of Governors, promotes collaboration throughout all sections of the school and upholds and enhances the GESS Community Spirit.

Katja Paus Treasurer: Cristina Flath Pre-School: Mitglieder des Gesamtelternbeirates: Katja Paus Schatzmeister: Cristina Flath Vorschulischer Bereich: Armin Seiler Grundschule Deutsche Sektion: Latha Ganapathy Sekundarschule Deutsche Sektion: The student council of the Primary School met for the first time this year at the new campus and accordingly, many topics which were introduced by the representatives revolved around the new situation.

In cooperation with Secondary School students, they have been working on various projects to realise the wishes of the students. Sie treffen sich einmal pro Woche in ihrer Lunchpause, um die verschiedenen Themen zu diskutieren und ihre Projekte voranzubringen. They meet once a week during their lunch break to discuss the various topics and bring their projects forward.

Student council Student Council - Secondary School Student Council brings all of the committees together to create one team. Our committees are the Sports Committee, the Green and C. Together as a team, we try to improve the students' experience at GESS and organise events for them to take part in. Some of our previous events, such as the sports tournament, organised by our Sports Committee, the Halloween party organised by our Events Committee, our photo competitions, organised by Student Affairs have been very successful.

The Student Council meets every week to discuss all of these events and plans brought up by the student body. Together, we improve any potential events and make students' requests happen. She currently lives in Hamburg and is a cardiologist. I have great memories of my time at the German School Singapore. I was 10 years old when I entered the GSS and stayed from until At the time, classes were small and we only had about 6 to 8 students in one class, so in 5th and 6th grade the two classes were combined.

I remember our swimming competitions. We were fascinated by the birds and snakes visiting our school He was one of the founding fathers of the Deutsche Schule Singapore in Apart from that, he also held various positions, such as Honorary Treasurer, and served in numerous capacities both before and after his tenure as President. As a supportive father of the school, he made it a point to be present at every milestone event, up to our very recent campus opening ceremony in August Words do not suffice in capturing the gratitude we feel for his extraordinary life and GESS stands here as a legacy of that life.

The new space was filled with life and energy as feet, big and small, tried to explore every inch of the new space, the voice of students singing the school song as one echoed off the forum walls and as everyone pulled each other into an embrace. To mark this special moment, all the students got together into the formation of "GESS" for a photo that will be a keepsake for a long time to come.

We were honoured to have such esteemed guests on our campus and receive their sincere well wishes even as we embark on this new chapter. Our campus was officially proclaimed open through a spectacular segment during which some of our VIPs were invited on stage to light up each leaf on the palm tree in our logo and thereafter, Dr Balakrishnanan and Michaelis, unveiled our campus opening plaque together.

On top of that, the enchanting dragon dance performance, the school choir's delivery of our school song, performances of the Singapore, German and EU anthems by the choir St. Elisabeth from The German Speaking Catholic Church and having our very own alumni as MCs for the ceremony also added splendor to this momentous occasion for us.

Herr Dieter Gumpert ist leider am November verstorben. Oktober mit einer wunderbaren Versammlung gefeiert. Besides supporting the GESS Volkswagen Football Cup that welcomed over players, we focused on raising funds for equipment for our new campus. The children can learn the art of cooking and playing an instrument in our well-equipped Cooking Lab, Auditorium and Practice Rooms. Our youngest students will now have access to a brand new Sensory Room as well as clay pot ovens to express themselves in the most creative ways in the art rooms.

Our students volunteered in different capacities: MCs, ushers, floor managers and interviewers who created an interview segment with the European Union Ambassador. It was once again very well attended by the GESS community. Children and adults were entertained by various games and activities while the flow of great food and drinks kept everyone happy and refreshed.

Swimming champion and Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling took a dip in our Olympic-sized pool! Just before that he met our very own swimming enthusiasts from the Primary School swimming team! Compatible with the WP-PageNavi plugin.

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