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34 Years Anniversary Ang Dating Daan Live

34 years anniversary ang dating daan live

Originally in Tagalog, the show now caters to its Spanish and Portuguese-speaking constituents. A Global Celebration To commemorate the anniversary, Ang Dating Daan, also known as The Old Path, has lined up simultaneous acts of goodwill that is expected to draw participants in the Philippines, as well as MCGI brethren from different cities ariana grande dating jai again countries. Cruz will conduct cleanliness drive campaigns, hospital and orphanage visits, as well as feeding programs in key locations. Blood drives are to be held consecutively in some select North and South America areas, such as Vancouver, Canada, as well as in Puerto Rico. Photo courtesy of PVI In 34 years anniversary ang dating daan live provinces of Cavite and Bicol alone, medical missions are to be held in support of the anniversary, with over 5, indigents estimated to benefit from the services offered.

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But Bro. Daniel carefully spoke and listened — making sure that his message came clear to all those in attendance who came from various parts of the world. He would pause and think, and take the time to ask everyone if they understood the important topic being discussed.

And based on the cheers, the smiles, the agreeing nods, coupled with the hands and flags shooting in the air, it was clear that the answer was a resounding yes. Cheers for a well understood topic. At noontime, a short break was announced for the brethren to eat and rest for a bit. In the Philippines, where the bulk of the members are, it was already midnight.

Instrumental music of fast-beat Church songs were playing in the background while The little Teatro Kristiano from the day before started to dance one song to another. Before long, the brethren started to take notice — and he was being broadcasted in all MCGI remote points across the globe! The adorable Brazilian Teatro Kristiano danced one Church song to another by heart, while the brethren in Brazil and in all parts of the world watched with joy.

They also put chocolate bars and dollar bills right next to him. But this did not sidetrack him. He kept on dancing. He kept on with his duties. And I stood there, basking in the humbling event unfolding before my eyes with a huge grin plastered on my face. And I will never forget that the whole congregation, not just those gathered in Brazil but in other places as well, was united in praising God — led by an innocent little boy — who performed his duties without hesitation.

Children truly are of heaven, I thought with a smile, while singing and dancing with the rest of the grateful ones. Then came Bro. Eli Soriano Bro. Eli arrives on stage with a smile on his lips. Walking down the stage, with a smile on his lips and his Bible in hand, the crowd in Brazil almost immediately stood up and cheered simultaneously, as if a zealous orchestra played beautiful symphony all at the same time at the first sight of their loving conductor. Eli again — some of them, for several years, while others, for almost exactly a year.

With happy faces, the brethren did as they were told, and readied their Bibles and notebooks for the discussion. He patiently discussed a biblical detail in Filipino, then in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He listened intently as translators spoke to the Spanish and Portuguese brethren, making sure that the translations are accurate. He spoke and listened with love for the word of God, and for those who are intently listening to it from all across the globe.

As Bro. Eli as he read 1 Corinthians 9: Eli to the congregants. And Bro. Eli talks in Spanish for the brethren hailing from Central and Latin America. Today, he has purchased a bigger coordinating center named after the Church in the city of Sao Paolo, for the ever-growing number of congregants in the area. Daniel Razon have started cater to people of all ages, nationalities, and beliefs. Several Snowstar artists announced new tour-dates lately, we wanted to pay extra Daan's muziekblog.

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