Below Deck Kelley And Jennice Still Dating My Spouse -

Below Deck Kelley And Jennice Still Dating My Spouse

below deck kelley and jennice still dating my spouse

Would Kelley and Jennice's on-deck romance be able to grow legs and walk on land, or would it gasp for air before ultimately taking its last breath in the real world? We got our answer during the Nov. Unfortunately for those hoping Jelley would become a thing, I've got bad best dating site mauritius for you. Kelley and Jennice are not currently dating. You mean to tell me that a couple brought together by a reality show didn't end up staying together once things got really real? Shocker of the century. As you below deck kelley and jennice still dating my spouse deci, the break-up was not great datiing.

Kelley & Jennice Reveal Their Relationship on the 'Below Deck' Reunion and You Won't Like it

Kelley says that Jennice was too needy and needed constant attention. Kelley points out that when his nude photo was leaked online, Jennice helped spread it around. Kate says that Jennice and Kelley had nothing in common. Amy knew that Jennice was having conflicting feelings, and she thinks they needed to be more on the same page. Jennice has a new boyfriend now too. They hug it out and Kelley says he only wants the best for Jennice.

At the end of the charter season he gave everyone on the boat a pacifier since they were all a bunch of babies and all they did was whine. Jennice accused Kelley of encouraging bullying comments about her online, while Kelley argued that he defended her against comments saying that she was "too ugly" to be with him.

He also accused Kate and Jennice of spreading that unfortunate photo Kelley took of his "rocket ship," which they of course denied. We're as likely to find out how that photo really got leaked as we are at finding out who spread the rumor that Jennice wanted Kelley to move in with her.

So not at all likely. But in all seriousness, I actually thing it's for the best that they're not together. It was clear during the show that Jennice was much more serious about being in a committed relationship than Kelley, and when a couple is not on the same page, it only spells disaster.

I think Kelley has some stuff to work out, while Jennice is ready for love. Kat corners Logan in the kitchen so that they can get to know each other and quizzes him about his past. Kat and Kate go to bed and leave Amy to deal with all of the guests. They get drunk and out of control and start jumping off the side of the boat in to the dark water, Amy shuts down the party and has Kelley wake Eddie up and take them all back to the island.

The next morning Captain Lee runs some maintenance tests to see why the boat took off yesterday and nearly crashed the dock. Amy and Kat decide to heave a heart to heart about their fight. Amy explains that a few years ago when they were working together, Kat hooked up with a guy that she liked. Amy apologizes and says that she is sorry that she was gossiping about her and they hug it out. Captain Lee is preparing to park the boat in another dock. And, on top of that, they have something wrong with the boat and it keeps lurching forward.

The crew hold their breath while everyone on the deck stares at them and watches them. But, Captain Lee manages to get the boat in without any incident. The crew lines up to say good-bye their guests.

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