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Date Drop Down Box In Excel

date drop down box in excel

You will also learn a quick way to create a printable calendar based on an Excel calendar template. When working with large or shared worksheets, maintaining data integrity is the biggest problem, especially when it comes to entering dates. And can I simply type a date like "05 Sep "? Oh, and what was the date of date drop down box in excel first Monday in September this year? All of profil pemain dating dna above problems can easily be solved by inserting a drop down calendar that will let your users fill in dates in date drop down box in excel mouse click! This tutorial will teach you an easy way to make such a calendar in Excel, and show how to quickly create a calendar based on a template.

Excel Tips: Put a Calendar Date Picker on an Excel Worksheet

For example, if you want the user to select a particular date, he or she will see an arrow in the cell. When clicked, the list will contain the dates you specify. You can even list valid entries within the Excel spreadsheet. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel.

Type the valid dates for the drop-down in a single column. Do not leave blank rows. You can also use a separate worksheet -- if you do, select the cells, select the "Name" box on the left side of the formula bar and enter a name for the valid entries.

Click on the cell into which you want to place the drop-down box. Click the "Data" tab. Click the "Data Validation" button from the Data Tools group.

Place the ActiveX Control on the Worksheet The tool you require is located on the Developer tab so, if it isn't already visible, you need to show it on the Ribbon: Click OK to return to Excel. In the Controls section of the Developer tab click the Insert button to display a selection of controls. Click the More Controls button to open the More Controls dialog.

The More Controls dialog offers a list of additional controls that are available. The accompanying number will differ according to which version of Microsoft Excel you are using. Select it and click OK. Click on the worksheet approximately where you want the control to appear then use the mouse to resize and position it as you would any drawing object. Note that the control is represented by an expression in the Formula Bar and its name is shown in the Name Box.

With the control selected, in the Controls section of the Developer tab click the Properties button. This opens the Properties window listing all the properties of the Date and Time Picker control. If you want to link the calendar to a specific cell so that, when a date is chosen it is entered into that cell only, you must enter the address of the cell into the LinkedCell property.

In this example I have specified cell A1. Activate the Control The calendar needs to be activated before it will work.

Click the Design Mode button on the Developer tab to take the worksheet out of design mode. Job done! To insert a date click the control's down-arrow to open the calendar.

When you select a date the calendar will close and the date will be written into the specified cell. If you need to change anything simply put the worksheet back into design mode by clicking the Design Mode button.

This will allow you to select any of the controls on the worksheet and will activate the appropriate tools on the Developer tab. Link the Control to the Active Cell If you want the chosen date to be entered into the currently selected active cell, a little VBA code is required. Do not enter a cell address into the LinkedCell property of the control's property sheet.

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