Dating When You Look Younger Than Your Age -

Dating When You Look Younger Than Your Age

dating when you look younger than your age

Originally Posted by Pikantari I don't think I quite look my age, but I would not say that means it would make sense to date younger. A tremendous amount of people who are 30, ish plus I don't know how old you are but I thought I'd point this out as a general thing do think we look younger than our ages. That's because when we were young, "older" was expressed in a much more definitive way than it is now. Our moms dating when you look younger than your age mommy haircuts, our parents stopped wearing fun clothes. Because we don't necessarily feel confined to doing the same things, we see ourselves as "looking younger" than our ages. I think that's what's behind the phenomenon of people thinking they look younger. We can't all possibly look younger than our ages, LOL.


I guess if you wanted to date younger, looking younger would be helpful, but I don't blame an older woman for not wanting to date you based on age, no matter what she looks like. I look younger, but I won't date younger. I'm 33 and would have a hard time dating someone who's Getting hit on by 24 year olds is just annoying and a waste of my time. Looking young for your age can hinder you in dating actually. I was asked out by a coworker last year after I told him how old I was.

He thought I was much younger and would have avoided asking me out if I had been younger he's 10 years older. I dress young, especially in summer short cut-offs , and I wonder how many older men have disregarded me because I'm dressed like a 17 year old. Personally, I do not dress particularly young. I dress my age But people thing I am younger. Typical age range I get, depending on the context is around I am I can't think of a time someone thought I was over 30, without significant amounts of conversation that would have offered clues about my real age.

Interestingly, men tend to look for women younger than themselves, but the older the man gets, the bigger the age gap he is willing to accept. And so, though these men feel their own age is "just a number", they do not afford that same leeway to the women they date.

A woman's age is immutable, and a deal breaker. Even if she "feels" and "looks" younger than her age, they will see that 54 or 48 and immediately swipe left.

My point is that men like Emile do not walk the talk; they see their own age as fluid, but women's age as fixed. And yes, some women do lie about their age, and they shouldn't. I do not. However, women lie about their age to have a chance at dating men their own age. They know that men prefer women who are younger than themselves, which takes men their own age out of their own dating pool.

And so, to avoid being stuck with men twenty years older because age isn't just a number, it's a stage of life and energy levels they take a few years off. Women lie in an attempt to date men their own age. Men lie in an attempt to date women who are much younger. Ask Emile. Ageism is clearly an issue in our society. Older people, particularly older women, are routinely undervalued. But lying about our age or, absurdly, legally changing our age isn't the answer, anymore than legally changing the measurement of a house will make it bigger.

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