Main Shopping Areas In Bangalore Dating -

Main Shopping Areas In Bangalore Dating

main shopping areas in bangalore dating

Bangalore is home to swanky malls, high-end stores and culturally rich markets. During the festive period main shopping areas in bangalore dating on the weekends, shopping enthusiasts in Bangalore head out to their local market, msin bazaar, retail shops and malls to check out the latest in fashion, new products or stock up on necessities. Let us look at the best places to shop in Bangalore. Street Markets in Bangalore 1. G Road M. It houses high-end fashion shops as well as street vendors. Visit this market if you are looking nfs world indir online dating get yourself some new clothes or are keen on on shopping, M.

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Without further ado, we present the best date spots in Bangalore for a perfect hangout. Best Dating Spots in Bangaluru 1. Cubbon Park Cubbon Park is one of the main lungs of Bangalore and is an island of calm and tranquillity. The park was established in and is currently home to a variety of flora which makes this park an essential for any picnic date.

The bamboo groves provide some shelter from the hordes while the crop of rocks is a fun place to sit on and watch people. Either way, the date will be inexpensive, fun and relaxed. However, the airport offers many gems for sweet moments that will make any date memorable. Making the drive from the city to KIAL can be a great start to the date.

There are many options for grabbing a quick bite at the airport where many gather to catch a flight or to receive loved ones. It has an exhibition space, performing arts theatre, restaurant, gallery and more. The boulevard also has an elevated walkway from which the view towards MG road and Parade grounds is truly spectacular.

Quiet areas on the walkway with benches make for a relaxed spot for a date. The Indiranagar ft road is one of the most happening locations in the city. With designer boutiques, pubs, breweries, clubs and restaurants calling this their home, a date night along this road will be one to remember.

While one could visit just one place, we recommend hopping from one place to another over the course of the entire day. Flowers from everywhere are brought to this open-air market where other flower sellers make their selection and cart their wares to be sold far and wide within the city. Located in the back alleys of the K R Market mosque, this market begins at the crack of dawn. As the sun comes up, one is treated to a riot of colours of different types of flowers. A photo date in this market will make a lasting impression.

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