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Erin Elizabeth Is he ready to settle down or is he going to end up blindsiding you, breaking your heart into a million pieces and abandoning you? Basically the same reason why girls are scared of settling down , too. Considering the current divorce rate, we totally understand why more and more men are putting off marriage. Men are just like this. Just like that. Find out if your guy is indeed ready to settle down with you by spotting these signs: Sign 1: Of course, it has to be coupled with the other signs below.

Sign 2: He loves talking to you Communication is indeed the most important element of marriage and guys know that. They want to be with someone they can talk endlessly with even in the most boring moments, even in the twilight years. Breasts sag, good looks fade, but honest, intellectual connection lasts a lifetime. Any guy would never let this kind of connection go. Sign 3: As Jack puts it, "If a guy claims that he wants to be married and he's dated tons of women. What's different about him now that makes him think that things will be different in a new relationship?

But if he has been doing that hard work, then I'd say there's some real hope. If this conversation hasn't already come up over dessert or a walk in the park, be sure to have this conversation before you make things exclusive. So let's say, as a general rule, by date number five.

Does he have a mature understanding of marriage? Shane mentioned that it's important that a man demonstrate an openness toward marriage, which is good advice to be sure. But Chris adds that what often sets apart the man who is really ready for marriage from the man who just fancies he is, is a mature understanding of what marriage really means in the first place. The man who jokes about the ball and chain and someone to "keep him in line" is not likely going to be as eager to commit as the guy who sees marriage as an opportunity for growth and deep partnership.

All they see is a restriction of one's own freedom. If you are dating exclusively, what does that mean to him?

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