Shane And Drew Dating Flo -

Shane And Drew Dating Flo

shane and drew dating flo

The Scott Brothers Talk Girlfriends and Working With a Significant Other In the cover video -- which features singer Eric Paslay and a cameo by Carrot Top -- the two begin to get ready for a pool party they planned, but realize they had forgotten about their important "Architects Quarterly" photo shoot that was scheduled on the same day. Trying to keep their cool, Drew and Jonathan still invite the photographer and reporters into their home, posing for pics and distracting shane and drew dating flo team as guests not-so-slyly keep the party going. Towards the informazione modena online dating of the video, however, the Scott Brothers are in for a pleasant surprise when one of the reporters pulls an unexpected move. See all the chaos go down in the video below! Shane and drew dating flo chatted with the Scott Brothers ahead of the release on Wednesday, where they talked inspiration for the video, new music, Drew's engagement and what's next for the duo.

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In the segments, Slater would enter the ring and issue challenges to "the so-called legends" or "any former WWE champion", which resulted in him losing a series of squash matches , with the first two losses to Vader and Sycho Sid. On the July 9, episode of Raw, after losing to Sin Cara , Slater berated the audience and issued a challenge "to any former champion" and guaranteed he would defeat him; Bob Backlund accepted the challenge.

Shortly after Backlund entered, Slater hit him with a cheap shot. Backlund then applied the crossface chickenwing submission hold and kept it locked in long after Slater had tapped out. On July 23, , during the th episode of Raw, he demanded a "no disqualifications, no countout" match and guaranteed his own victory. Lita responded to the challenge, however before the match could begin, Lita said she had "hired herself a little protection", after which APA emerged.

Slater attempted to leave; however, he was forced back to the ring by all of the legends who had humiliated Slater in the preceding weeks on Raw.

Lita performed a twist of fate on Slater, followed by a clothesline from hell by Bradshaw. Lita then pinned Slater after performing a moonsault. As Slater lay prone in the ring, the legends celebrated while Farooq taunted him with his catchphrase "Damn!

McIntyre and Mahal often interfered in Slater's matches on Slater's behalf, defending the leader of the trio. Over the next couple months, the group continued being used as part-timers but mostly as jobbers, while doing that on the main brand TV shows they would feud with Zack Ryder on Superstars. Similarly, this trend of name changes continued to amount the group losses as they also lost to The Prime Time Players on SmackDown, as The Fabulous 3Birds, which was a play on legendary tag team, The Fabulous Freebirds.

On the November 29, episode of SmackDown, they were billed as The Plymouth Rockers, a play on The Rockers tag team, even coming out to the Rockers' theme music and faced Los Matadores, along with their mascot, El Torito in a losing effort. Shortly after that match, Slater took time off from WWE to deal with personal issues.

On April 4, , Slater broke his losing streak, picking up the win against Kofi Kingston on Superstars. However, he was quickly defeated by Rusev, who applied the Accolade on Slater to get the win. At Battleground , Slater competed in a battle royal for the vacant Intercontinental Championship ; Slater managed to eliminate Cesaro but was then quickly eliminated by Sheamus.

This resulted in Flo Rida once again pushing Slater to the ground. Slater then began to regularly team up with Titus O'Neil. Slater's brief winning streak was ended when Slater Gator were defeated by Los Matadores on the August 25, edition of Raw.

Slater Gator then began a feud with Adam Rose and his bunny, who has attacked Slater on many occasions. In his return to Raw on November 17, , he returned in Uncle Sam attire and became the next victim against Rusev. In December , a warrant for Slater's arrest was issued, rendering him inactive until all legal issues are resolved. The charges were dropped on January 15, On the February 12, edition of SmackDown, Slater Gator competed in a tag team turmoil match, where they were quickly defeated by the team of Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Later that night, Slater stated on social media, "I'm going to start focusing on ME!!! It shows that his YouTube earnings have mostly contributed to his remarkable amount of net worth. Garrett started his YouTube channel in when he was 22 years of age. Prior to creating a YouTube channel, Garrett worked as a casting coordinator at Nigel Lythgoe Productions for a year in Don't Forget: Garnett also endorsed his respect to the computer scientist Alan Turing who was also a gay.

Shawn revealed that they met through Tinder and developed their relationship. Though Garrett and Shawn have already broken-up, they are often seen together in their respective YouTube videos as they are YouTube partners. Garrett Watts also wished his friend on the auspicious occasion of his birthday on 19 July He captioned it by saying he loved that guy a whole dang lot and he was grateful for him every day. He advised his fans to send some love to him just because he deserved a lot of that and it was his birthday.

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