Shes Dating The Gangster Characters Movie 9 -

Shes Dating The Gangster Characters Movie 9

shes dating the gangster characters movie 9

In present day, Kenneth Daniel Padilla is traveling to Shes dating the gangster characters movie 9, hoping to find his father Kenji Richard Gomez among the survivors of a plane crash. He's accompanied by Kelay Kathryn Bernardotangster insists that her aunt Athena is actually Kenji's great love. As they travel, Kelay tells Kenneth their story. In the early nineties, a heartbroken Kenji also played by Daniel Padilla enlists the aid of Athena Kathryn Bernardo in the hopes of making his ex-girlfriend Abigail jealous. While the two don't really get along at first, their game of pretend turns dating sites for hiv positive something real. Most of the movie is made up of the scenes set in the nineties. And this is a good thing.

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