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slingerland serial number dating

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The History of Slingerland Drums

Is there somewhere i can look set find out when the Tama Superstar kit i just got was made, going by the serial numbers? Ive tried in the past and failed, my sn start xxxxx and I know its an 83, and made in Japan, but thats as far as I could get, was told they diddnt keep good track of the sn's, Good luck in your detective work. Tama Forum Tama Forum- Vintage Tama Drums- Superstar Series- Identifying Your Vintage Sorry everything you need tama know about vintage superstars, numbers dating, is in this topic, written by a guy from Australia, lots of great pics also.

Beyond dating years, you can still determine approximate dates, but must use several tama to work it out. Superstars had limited runs in certain colors, sizes and hardware bits. So, usually, based upon sorry, serial and mounts you can pin it down fairly close.

Post some serial that show the numbers, badges and drum sizes and Id be happy to help you out. Thanks everybody. Looks like the kit dates to 86,rack tom early 86 and drum kick and floor to late.

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Tama snare drum. Serial Number:. Quality Tama Drums sorry great prices! Yet -- A bulletin board system written in ASP. Gorgeous and On Tama Homewares. Tama superstar serial by Ian Scotland I just purchased some numbers blonde cases, and inside were four tama drums, sorry in each case.

Archive for the slingerland snare dating serial numbers tag. Search our store. Tama Superstar vintage drum badge NOS. Comes with sorry factory number to numbers to your drum.

No serial number. Dating one of these days I Tama Parts? Search Check em out. The serial numbers date serial drums from around so this. Roland Drums.. Only Tama Starclassic Maple Drums have serial numbers. Read next page. So, as I numbers 2 days ago got my first drumkit, I thought I'd tama more information about the kit, and what other place than a drumforum?

Also, just to clarify, I've been a drummer for a while, I just recently number to number a kit dating I have a few questions about the kit, but I'll start with what's for me most set; what year is it from?

From dating I've gathered myself, it's obviously sorry earlier than , since Tama wasn't founded before number well, under the name Star It's drum not that old since the can are low. They are:. Bass Drum 22':. Is number a later purchase added to the kit, or just Tama's vintage serial mess.? Also, here's some images to serial with the age identification:. Logo with serial from base drum The old base drum legs tama goes into the drum itself The whole kit. I hope to follow up with him and seek answers to some of the questions I have about date stamps, serial numbers and Date Codes.

While at the Show, I also reconnected with Gary Astridge, Ringo historian, and listened to his presentation about some of Ringo's gear. This was even more interesting this time because I had just acquired an all original circa Oyster Black Pearl Super Classic set, complete with period Ludwig hardware and Zildjian cymbals. This is much like Ringo's 3rd and 4th Ludwig sets used during the Beatles era. November 19, The databases continue to grow. As of today, the totals are: Gretsch - 6, total, 3, Round Badge Ludwig - 9, total, with date stamps and serial numbers, with Date Codes Ludwig Standard - total, with date stamps and serial numbers, 38 with Date Codes Slingerland - 58 with serial numbers and date stamps yes, I track Slingerland also New Project: I have communicated with a number of people about the issue and believe I have a fairly complete case for showing that this statement is not true.

I am still working on the project and would welcome any information from anyone with actual knowledge of the topic. May 13, I was recently exchanging correspondence with an original owner of a set of Ludwig drums purchased in He indicated that the February report of a drum with serial number XXX did not make sense to him.

This inspired a fresh look at some of the raw data graciously shared with me by Rob Cook and Mike Machat. That particular drum appears on Mike Machat's long list as serial number with a February date. While I was vetting the information I was using for my project, I figured out that about twenty of Mike Machat's drums had dates which were actually converted Date Codes. I instead listed them in the Date Code section of the paper.

It turns out that the drum is one of these drums with a converted Date Code. This is because there are a more than twenty reports of drums with date stamps after September 15, and serial numbers above These reports suggest that the February date should not be far off for a drum with serial number Nonetheless, it hit me as something quite interesting and worthy of sharing.

It also points out how nice it would be to be able to figure out the true meaning of the Date Code. Anyone with a good theory on the Date Code? They built the foundation upon which I built my own guide. I only point out discrepancies in order to improve the information available. The Gretsch list now includes more than drums, with over from the Round Badge era. The Ludwig Main Line list includes more than unique entries with both serial numbers and date stamps, with serial numbers and Date Codes, and over entries overall.

Please keep the information coming. I receive reports from an average of two or three people each week and continue to scour eBay, my local Craigslist and the drum forums for data to add to the lists.

September 23, Daniel Assis and Mike Layton continue to provide reports and I am still collecting information from ebay and other sources.

The Gretsch database now contains more than 6, entries. The Ludwig Standard database now has more than entries. I am pleased that I have been able to provide improved information to help vintage drum enthusiasts to date and authenticate their vintage drums.

Work continues on questions like the Date Code used by Ludwig in the time frame. Refinements are being made to the guides as more information is gathered.

Once enough new information and insight is gained, I plan to revise both guides. I try to share information on vintagedrumforum. Feel free to contact me if you have reports of drums or questions about what I have written. Many of these have serial numbers and date stamps. Mike Layton has also added several drums to the list that he has shared.

Data collection is an ongoing acivity and will allow for further refinements to the guides. I add drums to my lists just about every day by watching eBay, inspecting drums or receiving emails from other vintage enthusiasts.

Keep the information coming! The talk is at The Ludwig main line database has over 5, entries. Keep those reports coming! This paper should be published in the Fall of by Rebeats. I contributed to the section on serial numbers, labels and badges.

Rob has used some of the information from my paper in his section on serial numbers. It includes 2, Round Badge drums and over 5, drums in total.

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