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Who Is Andrea Kelly Dating Now

who is andrea kelly dating now

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Who is Andrea Tantaros? Pennsylvania-born Andrea Tantaros is a famous political analyst and a journalist. Additionally, she is also a news commentator and a host of political shows. She is a supporter of the Republican Party.

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During her childhood, she was athletic and was a gymnast. For her education, she attended Parkland High School in Allentown. Afterward, she joined Lehigh University for her further studies.

Later she graduated from there with a degree in French and Journalism. Then she enrolled at Sorbonne University of Paris for her further studies. Andrea Tantaros: In her early career, she did intern at Bill Press. Similarly, she also worked for Pat Toomey and Pat Buchanan. Afterward, she worked as secretary and spokeswoman to Governor William Weld.

Then she moved to media works. In , she joined Fox and worked as the Political contributor. As of now, she is an apex political analyst. Consequently, she has made a lot of money. While she worked for Fox, she accused Roger Ailes of sexually harassing her in Similarly, she also sued Fox News regarding the same matter. This brought her into huge media controversy.

Writer Michael Krechmer sued her for breaching the contract. Body Measurements: Her height is 5 feet 4 inch. Aside from his industry and bank account, what are you looking for in a man?

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